Membership Information

Who can join and how much does it cost

Admission is open to all.  Subscription for the year 2014 is £20 for UK residents (£19 if paid by UK bank transfer; see application form below for details), or £25 for overseas membership.  Junior Membership is £7.50, open to all persons under the age of 21, or in full time education up to the age of 25. Family membership is £25.00. All subscriptions are renewable every 12 months, on the anniversary of the last renewal. You can also join/rejoin online with PayPal – New Members Join Here or Past Members Rejoin Here. The subscriptions are slightly more to cover the PayPal costs.

In return for an annual subscription,

  • Members receive two colour journal magazines per year.
  • Entrance to the venue of our 2014 AGM, usually a museum, is free upon producing your membership card.
  • You will have direct contact with other members when researching the Spitfire aircraft and can have your queries answered.
  • Joining a Roundel to meet other Spitfire enthusiasts.

Come and join us

Bank Standing Order Form [03.09.14] (PDF file)

Membership Application Form [03.09.14] (PDF file)

Family Membership Application Form [03.09.14] (PDF file)

Junior Membership Application Form [03.09.14] (PDF file)