Andrew Stillwell-Cox

We are very sad to announce the death of Andrew Stillwell-Cox.Andrew_Stillwell-Cox
Retired Lieutenant Commander Stillwell-Cox perished when his aircraft crashed on the cliff top close to Portreath airfield at 16.05 on Saturday 21 July 2012.

He will be sadly missed by his friends in the Spitfire Society.

Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 1972 as a boy of 15 at HMS Ganges. What followed was a distinguished service career.

In the Falklands war Andrew was a Leading Hand in HMS Glamorgan.

He served as Petty Officer in HMS Liverpool and HMS York in the late 1980s. Upon being commissioned Andrew went on to be a logistics officer in HMS Illustrious and served in Sierra Leone in 2000. He joined HMS Fearless as Logistics Commander in 2001, and served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Andrew’s last posting was to RNAS Culdrose.

For many in the Spitfire Society Andrew will be remembered for the efficient organisation of the Polesden Lacey concerts entitled a Tribute to the Spitfire.

Many thousands of visitors and participants who attended the weekend of 6-8 July 2012 and overcame the weather to pay their respects to the Spitfire will have lasting memories of a great weekend and we shall have lasting memories of Andrew Stillwell-Cox RIP.