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Support and Grants

Below you will find details of projects and educational grants that The Spitfire Society has awarded. For donations to new upcoming and on-going projects for support, more information can be found by clicking here.

Without your donations, we would not be able to continue in supporting new and exciting projects through education, research and preservation for future generations.

The Secret Spitfires

The story of the Sectret Spitfires relates to the time after the main Spitfire factories were bombed and destriyed in Southampton.

The production of Spitfires went on in secret being built in villages and towns around the southern counties including Aldermarston, Chattis Hill, Eastleigh, Henley, High Post, Hursley, Newbury, Reading, Salisbury, Trowbridge, Winchester, Worthy Down, and at dispersed locations around Southampton.  Sometimes in the most unlikely of places: sheds, garages, back gardens, bus depotsand even a hotel.

The Secret Spitfire project was to document this story together with first hand accounts from a period that played an important part in maintaining our war effort and eventually defeating the Nazi regime, bringing peace to Europe.

The Spitfire Society is proud to have supported this project which has taken two and a half years to research and film. The DVD will shortly be available.
To find out more about the Secret Spitfire please visit secretspitfires.com/ and read more on this interesting story.